class, config)[source]


init(parser, opts, args)[source]
load() →[source]
load_config() → None[source]

This method is used to load the configuration from one or several input(s). Custom Command line, configuration file. You have to override this method in your class.

stop(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: pydantic.env_settings.BaseSettings

class Config[source]

Bases: object

env_prefix = ''
gluonts_batch_fallback_predictor: str = None
gluonts_batch_suppress_errors: bool = None
gluonts_batch_timeout: int = None
gluonts_forward_fields: List[str] = None
max_content_length: int = None
model_server_workers: Optional[int] = None
property number_of_workers
sagemaker_batch: bool = None
sagemaker_batch_strategy: str = None
sagemaker_max_concurrent_transforms: int = None
sagemaker_max_payload_in_mb: int = None
sagemaker_server_address: IPv4Address = None
property sagemaker_server_bind
sagemaker_server_port: int = None
sagemaker_server_timeout: int = None, forecaster_type: Optional[Type[Union[gluonts.model.estimator.Estimator, gluonts.model.predictor.Predictor]]], settings: →[source]